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_site: src/favicon.ico src/js/mathjax
cobalt build
src/js/mathjax: package-lock.json
cp -r node_modules/mathjax/es5 src/js/mathjax
src/favicon.ico: favicon.svg
rsvg-convert -w 16 -h 16 --background-color=none favicon.svg -o favicon-16.png
rsvg-convert -w 32 -h 32 --background-color=none favicon.svg -o favicon-32.png
rsvg-convert -w 64 -h 64 --background-color=none favicon.svg -o favicon-64.png
convert favicon-16.png favicon-32.png favicon-64.png favicon.ico
rm favicon*.png
mv favicon.ico src/
deploy: _site
rsync --delete -a _site/ amy:/var/www/
rm -rf _site
rm -f src/favicon.ico
rm -rf src/js/mathjax
.PHONY: _site deploy clean